Vaishnava Etiquette by Jayapataka Swami

Vaishnava Etiquette

“Lord Chaitanya said that if you want to develop Love for Godhead, you must know “Vaishnava Etiquette” – How to behave with Vaishnavas. That is more important. If we don’t know how to deal properly with Vaishnavas then we commit offenses and eventually we won’t be able to go very close to Krishna … So it is very important to know how deal with, behave with each other properly respecting.

Most of the weeds of devotional service are also dealing with behavior, Kutinaati – diplomatic behavior; play some political situation with someone. Jivahimsa – treating someone very aggressively to harm a person emotionally or physically. So lots of obstacles in our devotional service are there because of bad behavior.
In other case Krishna bhajana means normally practicing with properly dealing with vaishnavas and say that you are going to save a vaishnava who is being attacked by beast or wild animal then if we die trying to save a devotee then we go back to Godhead. Devotees are so dear that they are worth dying for. So if somebody is worth dying for then why would we offend or deal improperly with such a person.”
HH Jayapataka Swami
Lecture: August 20th 2005, Italy

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