Disciple should not sit on Guru’s asana by Romapada Swami

Q. The following quotations are in Scriptures, and GBC body has decided that Guru and Disciple should sit on same asana.

* The disciple should not sit with his spiritual master on same Asana. But one can sit with his guru on Bullock cart, Horse cart, Camel cart, Terrace of Palace, Straw mat, Rock and Boat.

* A disciple should not sit on the asana where his Guru sits and should not sleep on the bed where his Guru sleeps.

Should we follow the Scriptures or not? Please let me know what do you think about this.

Sukadeva Gosvami and Suta Gosvami are examples of juniors sitting on the Vyasasana before elders, and this upon being requested by the elders themselves, namely the authorities.
In Caitanya-caritamrta there is a detailed narration about the etiquette or scriptural rule of not accepting service from one's godbrothers being superceded by the order of the spiritual master. See Cc Madhya 10.140-146.

‘Being ordered by his father, Parasurama killed his mother, Renuka, just as if she were an enemy. When Laksmana, the younger brother of Lord Ramacandra, heard of this, He immediately engaged Himself in the service of His elder brother and accepted His orders. The order of the spiritual master must be obeyed without consideration.’
We are an institution, and the GBC Body are the *elders*, the authorities, so if they request younger devotees to sit on the Vyasasana for preaching purposes by virtue of a resolution, that is not against Shastra.
And what if there are three generations of devotees present, three level seats? Institutionally it is impractical.


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